The DAAWC, through public policy forums, leadership training, and civic engagement and issue education programs, provides African-American Women with a stronger voice and the skills training to become a part of, and use, the political process to improve our lives and our communities via:

  1. Education on the political process, leadership training, and preparation of African-American Women interested in running for public office.
  2. 365 day involvement in our communities, registering voters, empowering the African-American women to engage in all levels of civil society, local, state, and federal.
  3. Fundraising assistance to help candidates compete in elections on all levels.
  4. Promoting healthy lifestyles and behavior through wellness projects.
  5. Providing mentoring and educational support

Board Members

Founder, President: Leslie Wimes

1st VP: Veronica Wade

2nd VP: Alexa Wimes

Secretary: Janet Burnett

Treasurer: Carla Erskine, Esq.

Organization Counsel: Tarlesha Williams-Smith, Esq.